Sedating a toddler while sick

I am concerned about his weight, 4 days w/o food and he was only 25 lbs to start with. Toddlers dehydrate easily and it doesn't take very long. That Pedialyte tastes awful and a lot of kids won't take it- not even the popsicles.Do you have any experience with this kind of starvation? I let mine eat whatever he wants -- and make sure he gets lots of liquids.They'll lose a little weight when they are sick, but his body will tell him what it can handle.Just push the liquids, then try the BRAT diet slowly - or make sure the food is extra mushy and soupy.Pedialyte is a bit acky tasting, but mix it with a little bit of juice like grape juice (w/no HFCS) and it should be sweet enough and ok to drink.I've mixed coconut water (get it at health food store) with his favorite juices (grape juice or apple juice) and that helps him restore his fluids/electrolytes.

Flat (natural) ginger ale is a good idea as well, as ginger root is a known herbal anti-emetic.If all else fails, ask her doctor about using a first generation antihistamine, such as benadryl elixir.Although it has not been extensively studied in children, it has been used in little ones (including under two) for decades. I have been doing steam for him once he is asleep, he won't sit or take a shower with steam easily.He did take some frozen fruit, maybe 1/2 cup in the entire day. He is a picky eater by nature, so i don't expect him to just eat a whole bunch when he gets better, but nothing is really scary. If he gets dehydrated you need to take him to the ER immediately (and if he's really only getting 8 oz of liquid a day it sounds like he's probably getting there). Ours approved Gatorade for our daughter when she turned two.

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Anything that focuses her vision on a non-moving object in front of her will make it worse (like reading in a car does for adults.) You can stop the car and take her out of her seat for a little walk before she gets sick (highly recommended).

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