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Click here for a full article How Spleen Size Affects the Body There was some discussion previously on a vet blog regarding a greyhound that was not eating.Our staff veterinarian responded that loss of appetite could possibly be due to an enlarged spleen.

It is important to be an advocate for your greyhound and educate yourself about both the prognosis and the financial investment before moving forward with a decision to treat or not to treat.Click here for a full article Urinary Tract Infections and Their Interaction with the Vulva/ Vulvoplasty in Canines We recently saw a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that for several years has had urinary tract related issues.Click here for a full article Italian Greyhound Neglect/NGAP to the Rescue National Greyhound Adoption Program and Dutton Road Veterinary Clinic has the unusual ability to step up to the plate and go above and beyond to help those pets that are in desperate need of care without viable alternative.Breeds that are susceptible to bladder stones are mini schnauzers, dalmatians, shih-tzus, dachshunds and bulldogs.Bladder and urethral stones may be large or small, single or multiple, and may pass spontaneously or potentially obstruct the urinary tract.

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