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“But no matter what successes a man or woman achieves, it is their failures that they remember the most,” the letter states.

“Human beings unlike any other animal on this planet are constantly reminded of their shortcomings, and pay for them two-fold. I have embarrassed this institution that I care so deeply for, my party, my family, my friends, and myself.”Last week, lawmakers voted to form a select committee on discipline and expulsion to investigate Wollmann’s conduct, the Associated Press reported.

He said it occurred with two different interns, both over 21.

23, following his admission of having sexual relationships with interns during the past two legislative sessions. D., last week admitted that he had consensual sexual contact with an intern in 20.

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I have lots of friends that I have made through life and on the internet but to date I have yet to find that special someone with whom to share the rest of my life with. A lot of the time when I feel depressed I sit and write my poetry.Game of Life Branch….a little bit of this, a little bit of that.. the exchange of messages in an internet or other network chatroom 3.stonechat also whinchat any Old World songbird of the subfamily Turdinae (thrushes, etc) having a harsh chattering cry 4.It was my understanding that such misconduct was an explicit violation of legislator ethical conduct,” Nelson wrote in November. 18, Nelson expressed continued concern.“In closing, I have been told by more than one person that House leadership stated that Nelson made all of this up and brought the rules changes as a vendetta to harass a suspect legislator and his fiance.“What has been done to rectify this disgraceful misconduct and what are the liabilities for SD and legislators for these past acts. That comment, in light of the above information, convinces me that this is an extension of the efforts to cover this matter up and protect the legislator your own colleagues have called a ‘sexual predator,’” Nelson wrote.

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