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The best way to see the state is definitely by driving, as West Virginia is generally lacking in reliable statewide public transportation.

Many towns are basically inaccessible except by car, as is some of the best scenery.

There are three main interstates in West Virginia: I-64 crosses the lower third of the state from Kentucky into Huntington, through Charleston and Beckley, and then past Lewisburg into Virginia.

I-77 moves up the western third of the state, from Virginia into Bluefield, through Charleston and then past Parkersburg into Ohio.

In the most southern part of the state, there are communities which are almost entirely African-American.

During the mine wars of the late 1800s, mine owners hired former slaves from the southern states to replace striking miners.

Some will voice the diphthong "aye" in the northern style, while others make the "ah" sound.

West Virginia is abundant in natural resources, being primarily known as a major producer of coal since the 1800s — in fact, it's the number-two coal producing state in the US [2].West Virginia is bordered by five states, on the south and east by Virginia, Maryland to the north and east, the north by Pennsylvania, the north and west by Ohio and Kentucky to the west.Originally part of the state of Virginia, the residents of the counties that became West Virginia split from the rest of the state in part due to a disagreement over the issues of slavery and secession.I-79 begins in Charleston and continues through Morgantown into Pennsylvania.Interstates that only cross a piece of West Virginia include I-70, which crosses from Ohio to Pennsylvania through the northern panhandle, past Wheeling; I-68, which branches off I-79 near Morgantown and passes through Preston County into Maryland; and I-81, which crosses from Virginia into Maryland and Pennsylvania through the eastern panhandle, past Martinsburg.

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However, it has never been a particularly wealthy state, particularly outside the larger towns; per capita income is quite low, and the poverty levels are some of the highest in the nation.

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