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This past December, many were surprised when worship director and BLM activist Michelle Higgins took the stage at Urbana. It is not a mission to bring about incredible anti-Christian values and reforms to the world,” said Higgins, who directs worship and outreach at South City Church, a Presbyterian Church in America congregation in St. “[BLM] is a movement on mission in the truth of God.” Higgins’s speech sparked pushback from some evangelicals.

The disagreement was covered by (NYT), and Inter Varsity itself released a statement noting that it “does not endorse everything attributed to #Black Lives Matter.” Two black Christian academics—Anthony Bradley and George Yancey—also called on believers to distance themselves from the movement.

“It sounds like a minimizing of what was just said.

The agriculture census schedules usually given to all free persons who produced goods valued at 0 or more, but census-takers often overlooked this rule, allowing farmers producing good of lesser value to also provide information.When 16,000 college students gathered at Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship’s latest Urbana conference to talk about missions, one of the main debates became how evangelicals should engage with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. Evangelicals are among the least likely of religious groups to support BLM, and the most likely to hold conservative positions on race, according to new research from Barna Group.There are exceptions: One of the latest additions to the BLM camp is pastor and author John Piper.About one quarter of evangelicals (24%), practicing Christians (26%), and those who attended church in the past week (30%) said that churches are part of the problem when it comes to racism.Few strongly agreed: only five percent of evangelicals, eight percent of practicing Christians, and nine percent of those who attended church in the past week.

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