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The episode begins in the present and then goes through time to reveal what happened in the previous twenty-four hours.

Sursok stated "It ends in this huge argument, and Dani and Kirsty are at loggerheads. After that, Scott tries to comfort Dani and suggests that she might need professional help to get through this.

In her later storylines, Dani was harassed by two stalkers.

As he is comforting her, Ross kisses Dani and she responds.Sursok called the assault the worst thing that had ever happened to her character.Dani later hit Kane with her car and was sent to prison after being found guilty of attempted murder. Transformed into a modern day Audrey Hepburn, Troian shared, “Audrey is one of my icons.I’ve always wanted her bangs but was afraid because of my curly hair.

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When Dani went to confront her stalker at the university, she became aware of someone following her and she lashed out at her potential assailant.

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