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But the fact remains, people (namely prospective suitors) seldom just ring you up these days; this depressing reality of only perpetuates itself because in today's dating world, every crumb is a meal.In other words, we've come to expect so little, that the slightest gesture seems grand. Picture Messaging Random, Meaningless Stuff So, while these can sometimes be humorous, pic messages should only be used when they apply.At least attempt to make us feel special by making specific plans to hang out solo.If dating is a baseball game, the first text is like the first pitch — you either knock it out of the park and set the winning tone for the game, or you strike out and lose before the first inning is over.Post your thoughts here or get hyper-interactive by checking out my Facebook fan page. )xxx*Peeps: I think I need to post, before long, on the best sites for meeting singles. And if you make NO effort to communicate the following day--you Man you--then I'm going to go out on a limb here and say you're a douche bag.** If you've decided you don't like her or you two don't have chemistry or whatever, address that directly; please, for the sake of human civilization, don't give her the silent treatment after the two of you have engaged in the most intimate human act.5. If you've been out with someone enough times that you feel it's necessary to tell her you don't want to see her any more--whether that means you two have gone out on five dates, or three--have the decency to call or send an email, at the very least. Especially if you think you're going to hurt her feelings.

Just because the texts are green, doesn’t mean the person on the other end is using some drug-dealing burner phone.And what's worse, we may even revere said guy as some sort of God for actually doing, let's be honest, what he's supposed to do.Look, I'm not denying texting is great — we all do it, it's convenient, and honestly (and evidently from my momentary freak out), we're not all big phone talkers.Lovelies: The other night, I had a decent conversation with a guy from Ok Cupid* ... (It's like: In fact, I'd much prefer for men to lay off the texting (and emailing) ALMOST ENTIRELY--except for the occasional sweet nothing that doesn't require a response--until we're in a serious relationship. But since the guy had a number of hot pictures up with his profile, and because he came across as smart, chivalrous and accomplished, I figured meeting up with him for a drink might be worth it. And that was enough to put me over the edge; I decided I wouldn't go out with him. But the three innocent little sentences he sent me by cellular served as proof enough for me to find him guilty of not being worth any more time. But I also find myself easily irritated by men who text or email too much.

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