Updating linux kernel windows media player 11 not validating

Also included is a linux-yocto development recipe () should you want to work with the very latest in upstream Linux kernel development and kernel Metadata development.The Yocto Project also provides a powerful set of kernel tools for managing Linux kernel sources and configuration data.If you do not maintain your own kernel sources and need to make only minimal changes to the sources, the released recipes provide a vetted base upon which to layer your changes.Doing so allows you to benefit from the continual kernel integration and testing performed during development of the Yocto Project.These are located in the Source Directory in Before modifying an existing recipe, be sure that you have created a minimal, custom layer from which you can work.See the "Creating and Preparing a Layer" section for some general resources.For a detailed example showing how to configure the kernel, see the "Configuring the Kernel" section in the Yocto Project Development Manual.

For example, if you want to add support for a basic serial console, create a file named The next time you run Bit Bake to build the Linux kernel, Bit Bake detects the change in the recipe and fetches and applies the new configuration before building the kernel.

During an iterative workflow, running a previously completed Bit Bake task causes Bit Bake to invalidate the tasks that follow the completed task in the build sequence.

Invalidated tasks rebuild the next time you run the build using Bit Bake.

Regardless of how you intend to make use of the Yocto Project, chances are you will work with the Linux kernel.

This manual provides background information on the Yocto Linux kernel Metadata, describes common tasks you can perform using the kernel tools, and shows you how to use the kernel Metadata needed to work with the kernel inside the Yocto Project.

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