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I know nothing about this kind of home improvement, but I don't have the money to pay someone who does. Corie from Nashville If you remove the paneling you may find a lot more to fill in. There is a plastic wood that is easy to sand but I don't remember the name. We bought a like 28 lb bag of dry mix for under 30 bucks, and mixed it with water as told in a big bucket.

(Don't try to skip priming the walls: this extra step will provide the proper base between the paneling and your chosen paint color.All wallpaper books have the instructions when wallpapering over panelling.I pick this up to put on 'failing walls' on older house walls. At first I really liked it, but it is mostly a spare room and when my outdoor chain link fence fell, I kept my big, completely outdoor dogs in that room as I did the repairs.With Backgammon News Editor Joe Pasternack's permission, we have reprinted a set of Master's Panel problems along with the answers of the old Masters.To make things interesting we have put the problems to a panel of current Masters hand-picked by Senkiewicz.

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