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Posted Panasonic has responded to reports it's set to exit the plasma TV business, saying that 'we are looking into a variety of options, but nothing has been decided at the moment.' The full statement says that 'The content of the report regarding our Plasma Display Panel (PDP) business is not something announced by Panasonic.'In regard to the PDP business, Panasonic will continue to deliver value added products, proposing new ways for our customers to enjoy their TVs.Speaking at the launch of the ZT60 TV in New York – the model is sold here as the ZT65 – the vice president of Panasonic Display, Kiyoshi Okamoto, told that plasma panel development has ceased, and that the new flagship set uses 'the last plasma panel' to come out of its research and development operation.How much has Panasonic spent on its plasma project?Reports from Japan say the company is expected to announce next week that it's starting a three-year plan to trim down its loss-making TV business, and that the strategy could see it stopping plasma panel production next year and also reducing the scale of its in-house LCD panel manufacturing.

'The company has been holding launch events of its new 2013 products all over the world.

That would be in line with company president Kazuhiro Tsuga's suggestion of moving away from selling consumer products and becoming more of a supplier of solutions to other industries, part of his Midterm Management Plan.

Business sales are thought to be more profitable for the company than consumer operations, and it wants to be sure it can make money from domestic OLED TVs before offering them for sale.

Its state of the art LCD panel factory in Himeji (above) will be turned over to making more profitable small-size LCDs, for use in devices such as smartphones and tablets.

MORE: Samsung Galaxy S4 hands-on review It's reported that Panasonic is continuing its joint development with Sony of mass-production for OEL/OLED TVs, and hopes to enter this market in 2014-15.

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'Regarding the growth strategy for the TV business, we are looking into a variety of options, but nothing has been decided at the moment.

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