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Anyway, to manually remove the WGA tool, simply do the following. First, log into your computer with full administrative rights. Then click on Start -: Press R], type %Windir%\system32\ and click on OK. You’ll always need to change the file extension of Wga Tray.exe, however, in order to do this, you’ll need to download and install Change Type, which is a file extension editor program.Run %windir%\System32" width="427" height="273" srcset=" sizes="(max-width: 427px) 100vw, 427px" / 3. To acquire this tool, I suggest you check out my post on changing file extensions. Click on Start - Type cmd (into the Search programs and files box) and Press CTRL Shift Enter, then click on Continue] 9.During the installation process, you may or may not be able to review the licence terms and choose whether or not to decline the update.If you choose to decline the install, then the operating system will never ask you to install the update again.On Windows XP Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows Vista Business, the user will initially be presented with a pop-up notification.However, once the user boots into the system, they’ll find that the wallpaper has been changed to black, and on the lower right hand side of the screen, there will be a notice, which cannot be removed.This will take you to your System32 folder, from here, you’ll want to right click on Wga Logon.dll, and then click on Rename. Once you have the tool up and running on your system, simply right click on Wga Tray.exe, and then click on Change Type. This will bring up a small applet, from here, change the file extension from exe to old, and click on OK. Once you’ve changed the file extension of these two files, restart your computer. This will bring up Command Prompt, from here you’ll want to type Regsvr32 %Windir%\system32\Legit Check /u and then press Enter. Once you’ve successfully unregistered the Legit Check file by using Regsvr32, restart your computer, once again. When your computer finishes rebooting for the second time.

In addition to the notifications, that persistently show up, across the screen, and the disabling of non-critical updates, the WGA tool also disables Windows Defender, Windows Aero and Windows Ready Boost.This tool (WGA) is made up of two components: The WGA Notification is able to validate Windows XP/Vista/7 & 8 operating systems only.The Active X Control on the other hand, is able to validate all of the above including Windows 2000.Fortunately I’ve written a post on this feature, so I suggest you check it out here. First, ensure you’ve logged into your computer with administrative rights. Once the Control Panel loads up, double click on Automatic Updates. This will bring up Automatic Updates applet, from here click on Download updates for me, but let me choose when to install them. If the answer is Yes, then I highly recommend you check out Speedy PC Pro.Once you’ve set your system back, you’ll want to change your Automatic Update Settings. Which is the leading registry cleaner program online that is able to cure your system from a number of different ailments such as Windows Installer Errors, Runtime Errors, Malicious Software, Spyware, System Freezing, Active Malware, Blue Screen of Death Errors, Rundll Errors, Slow Erratic Computer Performance, Active X Errors and much more.

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