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So when Williams called James last summer to gauge how he felt about a return, it was an endorsement James didn't mind supplying to management.

"It wasn't any animosity during the talk," Williams said.

The mother of the best basketball player on the planet seemingly dating an obscure rapper who’s only three years older than her son, however, is not a commonly-occurring case. Gloria James is 44 and the man she's reportedly dating, Miami area rapper Lambo, is 31. A woman over 40 who wants to have a healthy romantic life, possibly with someone who happened to be born a few years after she was?

Only in rare cases with a friends blessing would the ex-girlfriend or sister be fair game, but NEVER a friend’s mother.Lebron James is of course upset about the situation, especially since it has now been exposed to the scrutiny of the public.His overall reaction is nothing less than what you would expect if you were in his position.They were visible together in the crowd at Game 6 of the NBA Finals.There's even a photo of him wearing Le Bron's Miami Heat championship ring.

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Those pregame choreographed handshakes and pretending to take team photos on the court took pregame rituals to another level. 23 instilled that competitive, fun-loving environment and then all of a sudden, he was gone. "It just took a little time." So how did these two end up sharing the same locker room once again? A few years back, Williams reached out to settle their differences.

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  1. "Facebook has become such a part of millennial dating and how we communicate and how we learn about each other."Fisher isn't surprised some will cancel a date based on something they saw while researching that person."There are breaking points all through the beginning of a relationship," she says.