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That his father hasn’t been around to witness what has happened to him is something Nighy regrets enormously.“That,” he says, “I quite passionately would like to have happened.” That the “unnecessary static” of his youth has died down is something Nighy is very glad about.As the couple was not married they did not have to go through the process of divorce during their separation.He does not have many children (kids) as he has only a daughter whose name is Mary Nighy and this also proves he is not gay. It’s a hot day, and Nighy (who is wearing, inevitably, a loosely tailored blue suit) is on a break from filming the sequels David Hare has written to their 2008 spy drama Page Eight.In two days he’ll travel to Wiesbaden to play the raffish MI5 officer Johnny Worricker and go on the run with Helena Bonham Carter.

It does not seem like he is much involved in social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram and this also means he is not uploading his pictures in those sites to share them.

The budding actor was in Liverpool at the time, working with the so-called “lunatic genius” Ken Campbell, and had to check himself out of hospital.

He’d been in there for weeks, after “a vision of a girl” had tried to take him home and wrapped him around a tree in her mother’s Fiat. “He was very gracious, and principled, and reserved.” Alfred Nighy ran a garage in Surrey, and based his style on Bing Crosby; whether or not they’re alike, Nighy couldn’t say, though “if I ever played a part where I had short hair, after my father died, my mother would go very quiet, and it was because she was moved by the resemblance”.

But the film that’s about to be released is About Time, Richard Curtis’s latest.

The plot is based on the premise that the men in a certain family have a hereditary capacity to travel back in time, though only within their own lives (“I can’t kill Hitler or s--- Helen of Troy, unfortunately,” Nighy’s character explains).

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Nighy, the bookish, deadpan father, provides the unassuming emotional pivot by going back to spend more time with his son.

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