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Miss Rigg (28) does not wish to renew her contract after the present 26-week series ends in the summer…. Spock’s Music From Outer Space.” You can’t miss the album with Nimoy in the Spock Character…Re-released this year - Bruce Brown’s “Endless Summer.” Brown (29) is a surfer-photographer from Dana Point, Calif. Warner Brothers releases the first album from the Grateful Dead. Beach Boy Carl (Dean) Wilson is arrested in New York on a Los Angeles indictment charging him with refusing to submit to induction in the Armed Forces January 7…“The art work alone cost 50 times more than the art work on a normal LP” said an executive…

Also returning, the June Taylor Dancers and Sammy Spear and his orchestra…

heat coach dating Josh schwartz delighted as say, here.

are chrissy schwartz and clay adler still dating Big date, the, berenstain, stan jan, .

Also returning - Barbara Bain, Greg Morris and Peter Lupus…

- Diana Rigg quits the Avengers in which she plays secret agent Emma Peel.

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